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Parent & Child Gymnastics


Twinkling Tots, our Toddler Gymnastics Program, gives your little one a chance to have fun while discovering new skills like balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, and discipline. We believe in presenting children with opportunities to discover their unique interests and skills. Gymnastics training, even at such an early age, lays a foundation that can benefit a child’s overall cognitive and physical development.

We are honored that we may be your child's first group class experience!  Our Parent & Child classes are designed for you (or Grandma/Grandpa or any other special "grown up") and your child to learn and have fun toghether! 

For over 30 years we have been welcoming our youngest students through our doors.  Parents (or other special grown ups!) are always amazed at how quickly their little one adapts to a class setting!  We 'set the bar' high here at Flying High!  We know these kids can reach the stars!  Wait until you see how quickly your little tag-a-long gains his/her independence in this program!  

And just like every program here at Flying High, kiddos are placed into classes by age but advance by skill.  Once your little one hits all of his/her goals with the class, onward and upward!  



Class Descriptions

All of our Parent and Child classes are held upstairs in our tot gym full of equipment made specifically for our little stars!

  • Supernovas
  • 2-5 Years Old
  • 40 Minutes

Due to a temporary restructuring of program offerings, we are currently unable to offer this class.

This class is designed for children with amazing abilities who have physical, language, and/or sensory challenges. Parents can use this class as an opportunity to learn alongside other families and maximize understanding of your little star’s motor and cognitive skills. In this class we will explore your child’s senses and curiosity as well as encompass a vast area of developmental milestones such as jumping, climbing, balancing, grip strength, and coordination. This class not only promotes physical activity and social interaction, but will also allow kids to discover strengths that cannot always be explored in an everyday setting.

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  • Minis in Motion
  • Walking-18 Months
  • 30 Minutes

Due to a temporary restructuring of program offerings, we are currently unable to offer this class.

Minis in Motion provides moms, dads, grandparents, or other loved ones quality playtime with their little star. Every Minis in Motion class is full of play-based learning and motor activities to help your toddler develop. Gross motor skills are the main focus in our safe and engaging learning environment.

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  • Babies & Buddies
  • 18-33 Months
  • 40 Minutes

Babies & Buddies provides moms, dads, grandparents, or other loved ones quality playtime with their little star in an action packed 40 minutes. Every Babies & Buddies class is full of gymnastics skills intermixed with gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive thinking activities. Our class is designed to enhance bonding in a safe & fun learning environment. This interactive and highly collaborative class encourages gross motor skill development through a variety of obstacle courses and gymnastics basics.


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  • Kids & Company
  • 27-46 Months
  • 40 Minutes

Just like our Babies & Buddies class, Kids & Company incorporates moms, dads, grandparents, or other guardians into the child’s gymnastics development. Our child-centered class approach fosters the development of cooperative social skills. Members of this class enjoy activities like trampolines, foam pits, and interactive toys that encourage the development of gymnastics skills as well as logic, reasoning, and socialization. Our teachers work to create a curriculum that is engaging and dynamic.


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Trial Class: Not sure if your child is ready to begin classes or if they will enjoy themselves?
Sign up for a trial class for $10 to see if it’s a good fit without the commitment! If you star enjoys the class, and signs up the same day, the $10 trial fee will be applied to your tuition as a credit. Trial classes can be scheduled in person or by calling our Front Desk.

Add a Day Flex: An exclusive offer for Flying High Students!
Perfect for busy families who can’t always commit to attending class 2x per week! Schedule on a week-by-week basis by calling the week of class to find out if any additional days have openings so your star can attend. $15/class if under 60 minutes $18/class if 60 minutes and over.

Solos/Duos/Trios/Quads:  A Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Lesson is the perfect opportunity to work one-on-one or in a small group with a qualified instructor. You pick the skill(s) you want to work on and we will work with you to find a coach that best suits your needs!  Lessons can also replicate a class structure.

Please fill out the below Inquiry Form and our Front Desk will will be in contact with you soon to schedule your lesson.



Parent & Child Gymnastics FAQ

Can I enroll right now or do I have to wait until the next month starts?

Flying High classes run year round with no long term commitments. You may enroll at any time and tuition is paid monthly. We do not charge more for “long” months nor less for “short” months. Over the year, all 12 months average 4 weeks. We will pro-rate if starting mid-month.

An Annual Administration fee of $35.00 is due upon initial enrollment of classes and on the anniversary of each students start date (annually; non-refundable).

What if my child won't stay with the class?

Not to worry! A young child, ESPECIALLY new to the program, will be very curious. Positively encourage them to come back to the group. Also, look for teachable moments. If your child wanders off to do a station they prefer, let them do it and help them! In our experience, by week 3 your child will be getting the hang of it!

What if my child doesn't participate like the other children?

Every child matures differently and every couple months in age makes a HUGE difference. They may not perform the skills exactly as presented right way. Give it time, and please ask your child’s instructor for ideas on ways to help or spot your child through them! They are a wealth of knowledge and are here to coach both you and your child through a fun, instructional class.

Why aren't adults allowed on the trampoline with their child?

We ask that adults do not jump on the trampoline with their child for safety reasons! Your child should explore the uniqueness of the trampoline themselves and bounce on it at their own pace. The added momentum of an adult jumping on the trampoline with their child can cause double bouncing. Double bouncing on the trampoline should always be avoided!!

Can I bring my older child along? Can I bring my infant child along?

Bringing siblings is permitted. We ask that siblings either participate in the courses as they are presented, as we love having great role models, or that they sit quietly to the side. Teachers do have the right to ask siblings to sit on the side if it is affecting the quality of the class. Infants can stay in their carrier and the carrier can stay at your side while in the gym.

What is my role as the parent in the class?

Be your child’s biggest cheerleader! Encourage your little star to try everything and let them figure things out themselves. By offering experiences where children can take SAFE risks, we’re building confidence and the desire to explore.



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