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Ninja Zone


Turning energy into ambition one awesome kid at a time! Ninja Zone is a fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and freestyle movement. Ninja Zone embodies discipline, focused energy, and skill. In Ninja Zone classes, ninjas learn flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks in combination with strength and agility courses.

Class Descriptions

  • Little Ninjas
  • Ages 3-4, Co-Ed
  • 45 Minutes

Little Ninjas is the entry level to the all-new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement. Class emphasis is on taking direction, being part of a group, circuit format, and safety. Ninjas will learn progressions and terminology for skills used in Ninja training including rolling, vaulting, basic large gross motor skills, jumping, falling, swinging, climbing, etc. The ultimate goal is to develop body coordination, awareness, and listening skills required for Ninja Training Level White.

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  • Ninja White
  • 5-11 Years Old
  • 55 Minutes

Class focuses on training for fundamental body movement and basic skills including Ninja rolling for safety, back flip progressions, basic vaulting, wall & bar progressions, basic kicking & punching technique, and development of core strength & speed. Safety techniques for falling, landing, and transitioning are strongly emphasized as well as instructor assisted learning.

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  • Ninja Yellow
  • 5-11 Years Old
  • 55 Minutes

Children begin to learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training technique. Students should be able to perform progressions independently.

*Students must be evaluated by a Flying High Instructor before being placed in this level.

  • Ninja Green
  • 5-11 Years Old
  • 55 Minutes

Mastery of all safety techniques and ability to follow Ninja standards in focus and taking direction is required to participate in this class. Ninjas will begin to learn beginner progressions for example rolling, hand support, spotting flipping, wall progressions, precisions, kicking technique, and basic transitions. Ninjas will also be introduced to solo flipping, basic jump + kick +flip combos, turning & flipping window escapes, and more!

*Students must be evaluated by a Flying High Instructor before being placed in this level.

  • Ninja Blue
  • Ages 6-11 Years Old
  • 55 Minutes

Class emphasis is on jump + kick + flip combos as well as more advanced strength & agility such as climbing to the top of the rope. Ninjas will continue mastering and perfecting the skills from previous levels with advancement in the difficulty of combos. Ninjas will also be introduced to the combos used in The Ninja Games.

*Students must be evaluated by a Flying High Instructor before being placed in this level.

Ninja Zone FAQ

Can I enroll right now or do I have to wait until the next month starts?

Flying High classes run year round with no long term commitments. You may enroll at any time and tuition is paid monthly. We do not charge more for “long” months nor less for “short” months. Over the year, all 12 months average 4 weeks. We will pro-rate tuition if starting mid-month.

An Annual Administration fee of $35.00 is due upon initial enrollment of classes and on the anniversary of each students start date (annually; non-refundable).

If my son/daughter joins class now, will he/she be behind all the other students?

Not at all! Each of our classes is designed for a specific age group and skill level. When a new student joins a class, they will begin working right away on the skills for the specified level with the other students. Each other student in his/her class is working on those exact same skills! Any student who has mastered the skills of a specific level has already moved up to the next level.

Can Parents/Family stay to watch a class?

Yes! We have viewing rooms available and you are more than welcome to come and watch a class in action! We also have a Café where drinks and snacks can be purchased while you watch class.

What are the uniform requirements?

The Ninja Zone Uniform Packet can be purchased in our Pro Shop. Ninjas should wear the T-shirt and headband that come in the uniform packet along with comfy shorts.

What is the evaluation process?

At Flying High, being evaluated for the next level is a HUGE deal! We want to make every child feel like the star they are! Evaluations are done in class by the instructor. The evaluator will take the child through the list of required skills called a mission and assess the level of mastery that has been achieved. Evaluations are scheduled when the Instructor feels the athlete is ready to move up to the next level. If a child is ready to move up, they will get to ring the bell at the end of class, while ALL athletes in the gym cheer and clap for them!


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