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New Procedures & Protocols

While some things have changed, we promise that our commitment to you and your stars remains!  Below you will find some new changes/procedures we've put in place to keep everyone happy and healthy:

Building & Staff Changes
  • All Staff Members will have a temperature check before they enter the building.
  • All Staff Members will be wearing masks.
  • We have a newly constructed lobby that alleviates the bottleneck congestion by our Front Door.
  • We installed brand new floors in our lobby, viewing room, and hallways that can be cleaned more efficiently and effectively.
Cleaning Procedures
  • Staff will be sanitizing gym stations throughout the afternoon/evening.
  • The entire gym will be fogged with a disinfectant spray at least twice a day (usually more often!).
  • Common areas will be cleaned/disinfected throughout the afternoon/evening.
Class Changes
  • We are asking that anyone who travels to a hot spot (as indicated on this website to not enter the gym for 14 days. While we know that we are not in city limits, we are practicing extreme caution.  Make-ups will be issued for any missed classes.  There will be no expiration date on these make up classes. 
  • Additionally we are going to ask that everyone in the building over the age of 2, including athletes in our Baby Dippers Class and Up, wear masks before, during and after their practice/class/camp/etc. Many other gyms across the country have done so and all have said that the kids have adapted quickly. Our coaches/teachers will be monitoring each athlete and allowing any and all “mask breaks” that are requested. Mask breaks will take place in an area that is set up for social distancing.  Coaches/Teachers will also allow the athlete to remove the mask for certain circumstances (new skill, etc.) This is only required for children over the age of 2.  Athletes enrolled in our parent & tot classes will not be asked to wear a mask.  However, parents attending those classes will be required to wear one.
  • The amount of classes has been drastically reduced and staggered to allow for social distancing in the gym among groups.
  • Parents will be asked to take their child’s temperature at home before coming to the gym.
  • We ask that all of our students use our socially distanced cubbies for shoes, coats, and bags.  If you chose, wipes will be available for you to sanitize your cubby.  Staff members will also be routinely sanitizing the cubbies throughout the day. If parents prefer to keep shoes, coats, and bags with them rather than using our cubbies, please be sure to arrive on time for class pick up.
  • Downstairs students will bring their water bottle and hand sanitizer with them into the gym for class. We have partnered with 3330 Oak who has designed special Flying High hand sanitizer holders and Flying High face masks.  Both items can be personalized with your athlete's name!  Athletes will be able to hang their sanitizer from their water bottles and easily carry both items with them in the gym during class. Orders can be placed via our online shop. 
  • We will help all students sanitize hands and feet before starting class and after every rotation.
  • Coaches/teachers are going to limit their spotting. There are hundreds of hands-off drills that can and will be done!  Spotting will still occur when necessary (to prevent injury, help with a brand new skill, etc.). 
  • Toddler athletes will receive stickers instead of stamps at the end of class.
  • The foam block pits will be closed, however the climbing structure with the slide in the Upstairs Gym will be open.
  • Water Fountains will be closed.  Please be sure your gymnast has enough water to last the entire practice.
Camp Changes
  • We are asking that anyone who travels to a hot spot (as indicated on this website to not enter the gym for 14 days. While we know that we are not in city limits, we are practicing extreme caution.
  • Additionally we are going to ask that everyone in the building, including all campers and athletes, wear masks before, during and after their practice/class/camp/etc.
    • Counselors will be giving 15 minute “mask breaks” every hour and a half for all campers.
    • Counselors will also be talking with all campers and encouraging campers to ask for a break if needed.
  • Camp will run normally with the following exceptions:
    • Campers will be asked to bring a lunch as our Cosmic Cafe will remain closed.
    • Campers are asked to bring enough water to last the day as water fountains have been turned off. 
    • There will be no Field Trips.  Trips to the park will resume once opened.
  • Campers will be kept in groups of 10 all day and will have one counselor per group.
  • Groups will be kept separated from each other and any other activities going on in the building.
  • All the groups will still experience the same fun (and arts & crafts, science experiments, open gym, etc)!
  • All rooms, equipment, bathrooms, tables, and chairs will be sanitized before and after every use by the group.  Cleaning and sanitizing will be done by a separate staff member.  
  • Field Trips are still on hold, but we have our days jam packed with creative, energy-burning FUN!

Party/Space Rental Changes
  • Flying High will require masks for everyone in the building (over the age of two). This policy covers all classes, practices, events, rentals, birthday parties, and spectators.  Masks are also required for all party attendants and building staff. 
  • The foam block pits will be closed.
  • The water fountains will also be closed.  Please be sure to bring enough water to last the entire party.
  • Social distancing will be practiced in the gym with only one child at a time allowed on a piece of equipment.



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