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Tokyo Olympics 2021 Info

The Olympic games have only been cancelled three times throughout history, proving that they can withstand just about anything.  But 2020 came around and gave the games a run for its money.  Instead of cancelling the 2020 Olympics, they have been postponed to this summer which means that what we are about to witness will go down in the history books.  

Postponing the Olympics, even for just one year, will make these games some of the most interesting and exciting in recent history.  New rules, new regulations, no overseas fans, disrupted training are all factors that will lead to some fascinating outcomes. 

One thing is certain; you'll want to tune in. 

These athletes will be sending a message to the world that it is possible to persevere even in the most difficult of circumstances.  And they will do it from a global stage standing arm in arm (elbow to elbow?) with the best athletes from all over the world. 

Here are some helpful links to help you get warmed up!   

History of Olympic Games:,the%20world's%20preeminent%20sporting%20competition.&text=The%20first%20modern%20Olympics%20took,nations%2C%20competing%20in%2043%20events.


When Gymnastics was introduced:,of%20the%20Games%20since%20then.


Have the Olympics ever been postponed or cancelled?


Olympics swag:


How are the members for the USA team selected?,at%20the%20U.S.%20Olympic%20Trials.


Greatest Women gymnasts of all-time:


Greatest men’s gymnasts of all-time:


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