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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Our Rising Stars Recreational program was created for kids to get fit and have fun! Our talented instructors inspire our students to try new skills and develop new talents while building strength, flexibility, endurance, and confidence.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of classes that enable our students to grow their skill sets in the four main gymnastics events: vault, bars, beam and floor. Students’ skills are developed and trained on proper form. Students also get the chance to focus on conditioning and basic technique on trampoline & TumblTrak.

At Flying High we believe in supporting our students’ achievement. We provide our gymnasts with high quality instruction that enables them to master the skills at their level before moving up to the next, not only so that they perform the skills well, but so that they feel well prepared for the next level and never feel overwhelmed. We want each and every child to succeed. In this program, we teach that succeeding doesn’t always have to mean standing on the 1st place spot on a podium. It’s the learning, developing and growing in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Our recreational program is open to girls ages first grade & up.  Check out our class line-up. We also offer Boys Recreational Gymnastics programming.

Class Descriptions



1st Grade & Up
1 hour & 15 minutes

At this level of gymnastics, children are being introduced to each apparatus and all of the equipment in the gym. The very first things they will learn in the gym are the proper safety techniques used here in our facility. The “Jump-Stick” is something every single child will know after their first day at Flying High. In addition to safety, participants learn the basics of gymnastics on each event, and focus on developing a certain comfort level on each apparatus. You will see your little star walking across the balance beams, climbing over the bars, learning cartwheels, front rolls, and the ever important handstands on the floor.

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1st Grade & Up
1 hour & 15 minutes

Children walking through the doors on their first day of gymnastics have a wide variety of skills to master before becoming Intermediate level gymnasts. In order to make the transition from Beginner to Intermediate smoother and a little less daunting, we’ve added Level 1 as a stepping stone between the two. Once a Beginner feels comfortable and accomplished the basics on each event, they move to Level 1 where they focus on doing the basics with proper form – squeezed legs and pointed toes. They have attained, at the Beginner level, a sense of body awareness, and are now learning to put that into action enhancing current skills and learn more complex ones.

Students must be evaluated by a Flying High gymnastics instructor before being placed in this level.



1st Grade & Up
1 hour & 30 minutes

Gymnasts at the Intermediate level demonstrate they can perform the basics of gymnastics and understand the importance of proper body mechanics, form and technique. Now, it’s finally time to work on exciting skills that they have been so anxiously awaiting! Flip flops and beginning handsprings on floor, front hip circles on bars and even handstands on the high beam! These are skills they have been seeing the competitive team girls working on – and now they are working on them too!

Once all of the skills are achieved and gymnasts have shown determination to learn, it’s time to move out of Intermediate. At this point, gymnasts have the choice of continuing on to the Advanced level, within our Recreational program, or moving towards the Competitive program by being invited to join our Pre-Team class.

Students must be evaluated by a Flying High gymnastics instructor before being placed in this level.


1st Grade & Up
1 hour & 30 minutes

At the Advanced level, gymnasts use the body mechanics and technique they’ve been learning to build upon the basics they’ve already accomplished, and develop more advanced skills. This level is able to keep gymnasts excited and challenged for years to come. Whether they are working towards being on a high school team, or are just interested in having fun and learning a wide variety of skills, Advanced is the perfect class for them! Participants do not learn USAG routines in this class, as they would in Pre-Team, but the combinations and variations of skills are endless and will definitely keep your star coming back for more!

Students must be evaluated by a Flying High gymnastics instructor before being placed in this level.


Gymnastics Camp

Ages 5 and Up
1 hour 30 mins

NEW this summer! One week Gymnastics Camps!! Over 25 years ago we opened our doors to our first class of 35 gymnastics students and today more than 1500 gymnasts come through our doors each week for class.  We are so excited to spread the love for gymnastics and launch a gymnastics camp!!  First time gymnasts or experienced gymnasts welcomed!!  Ages 5 and Up. This one week camp is a great opportunity to introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics.  Campers will learn new skills or perfect the skills they already have!

Girls Gymnastics Camp: June 26-June 29, 2-3:30pm daily(Register by June 12)

Girls Gymnastics Camp: July 24-July 27,  2-3:30pm daily (Register by July 10)

Boys Gymnastics Camp: August 7-11, 2-3:30pm daily (Register by July 24)





30 minutes

This supplemental class is for gymnasts already in our program. Whether your star needs extra work on that one elusive skill in order to move up to the next level, or they just need a little extra time spent on bars to build confidence and strength, this class is the perfect choice.

Gymnasts must register for a 2 class minimum.



30 minutes

This supplemental class is for gymnasts already enrolled in our program. This class helps those who need a little extra help mastering a backbend skill or improving overall back and shoulder flexibility.

Gymnasts must register for a 2 class minimum.



30 minutes

This supplemental class is for gymnasts already enrolled in our program. This class helps those who need a little extra help learning and mastering a flip flop.

Gymnasts must register for a 2 class minimum.


30 minutes

This supplemental class is for gymnasts already enrolled in our program. This class helps those who need a little extra help learning and mastering a back tuck.

Gymnasts must register for a 2 class minimum.

Developmental Classes

Flying High offers personal one-on-one classes designed to meet the needs of children with special needs and abilities.  A staff member will work one-on-one with your child to instruct him/her in gymnastics, to help build strength and coordination, or even to just have fun and burn off energy.  Please see the front desk for scheduling and pricing. Click here to email the front desk.

Private Lessons

A private lesson is the perfect opportunity to work one on one with a qualified instructor. You pick the skill(s) you want to work on and we will work with you to find a coach that best suits your needs! You may want to consider a private lesson if your child is having a difficult time mastering a certain skill. One on one instruction time may help them better understand that skill, as well as give them the opportunity for more practice time. At Flying High we offer individual private lessons (one on one) or buddy private lessons (2 students with one instructor). Private lessons typically last 30 minutes. Contact our front desk to schedule your private lesson! Click here to email the front desk.

Are you in 6th grade or older? Click here to learn all about our Teen Classes designed specifically for you!

Have additional questions we didn’t answer? Read our Gymnastics FAQs below!


Can I enroll right now, or do I have to wait until the next month starts?

We offer open enrollment year-round, which means you may enroll your child into classes whenever you would like!  You do not have to wait until the start of a new month to enroll.  We do pro-rate tuition if starting mid-month.

If my son/daughter joins class now, will he/she be behind all the other students?

Not at all! Each of our classes is designed for a specific age group and skill level.  When a new student joins a class, they will begin right away working on the skills for the specified level with the other students.  Each other student in his/her class is working on those exact same skills!  Any student who has mastered the skills of a specific level has already moved up to the next level.

What programs do you offer for a 3 year old? 4 year old? Etc…

You may find detailed class information on our current schedule, which indicates the appropriate age range for each of our classes at Flying High.

How long are your sessions?

Flying High has a year round program with no long term commitments. You may enroll at any time and tuition is paid monthly. We do not charge more for 'long' months nor less for 'short' months. Over the year, all 12 months average 4 weeks.

Can we watch a class?

Yes! We have viewing rooms available and you are more than welcome to come and watch a class in action!

Can I come in to take a tour or look at the gym?

Yes! You are welcome to come and take a look at our facilities during our office business hours.  Our office staff will be able to show you around the gym or give you a tour if you would like.

Does my child have to wear a leotard?

FH highly recommends that our female athletes wear a leotard to class. Leotards with skirts can get caught on the equipment; spandex shorts are a better option. In the colder months, girls are more than welcome to wear tight fitting leggings over their leotard. For boys, a t-shirt and shorts are fine, just not too loose fitting. In the colder months, boys may choose to wear sweatpants, or a long sleeved tee.

What if my child doesn’t like it at first?

Give it time! Remember that for most of our younger athletes, this is their first experience with a structured, school-like environment. If after 2-3 classes, your child still doesn’t take to gymnastics, Flying High offers cheer, ninja zone, and martial arts classes.

What is the evaluation process?

At FH, being evaluated for the next level is a HUGE deal! We want to make every child feel like the star they are, so evaluations are done by an instructor who does not teach the child’s class. The evaluator will take the child through the list of required skills on each event, and assess the level of mastery that has been achieved. If a child is ready to move up, they will get to ring the move up bell at the end of class, while ALL athletes in the gym cheer and clap for them!

Why are children placed by age but move up by skill?

FH bases their class age groups on the developmental stages that occur naturally in child development. Each class has a skill sheet that lists each skill necessary to progress to the next level. All children learn/attain skills at different rates. Once a child is able to complete all skills successfully on the list, they are ready to proceed to the next level, regardless of age.

How often should my gymnast come to class? Once or twice a week?

How often your child attends class when they begin gymnastics is up to you. FH highly recommends attending two classes per week in order to help your child learn and progress more quickly. Coming to class twice a week also helps your child increase their strength and flexibility, as well as their knowledge of gymnastics terminology!

What if my child needs extra practice?

If your child needs extra practice, adding a second class per week is a great option. Specialty classes are good for bars work, backbends, and flip flops. If your instructor has availability, private lessons focus on one or two skills are also a useful tool. Flying High also offers clinics during the holidays which focus on specific skills.

What are specialty classes?

Specialty classes are short, finely tuned classes that only focus on certain skills during the allotted class time; i.e. Backbend Class, Flip Flop Class, Bars Class, etc. FH offers these classes are an alternative to private lessons. Your child’s instructor may recommend a specialty class if your athlete only needs one or two skills to move up.  

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson typically consists of 30 minutes of one on one instruction. At Flying High we offer individual private lessons (one on one) or buddy privates (two students with one instructor).

When should you do a private lesson?

Sometimes your child’s instructor will recommend a private lesson if they only need one or two skills to move up to the next level. Your child may only need one or two privates in order to achieve their skills. Another example of when you may want to consider private lessons is if your child is having a difficult time with a certain skill.  One on one instruction may help them better understand that skill, as well as give them more practice.

How many private lessons will my child need?

Every child is different! The number of privates necessary to successfully learn a skill varies from child to child. The difficulty of the skill is also a factor. After the first private lesson, the instructor should be able to give you a better idea of how many private lessons may be necessary.

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